Monday, May 19, 2014

Bird Garden and The Peak in Hong Kong

We only stayed in Hong Kong for a long weekend and so we packed a lot of stuff into the two days we met up with Angela and family.  There is so much to do in Hong Kong that you could easily spend a week there and not see or do everything. Angela had suggested the Bird Garden for Saturday morning and it sounded like something the kids would really enjoy. 

Bird Garden is essentially a meeting place for the locals where they can share bird stories all while showing them off. These men are very proud of their birds, let me tell you. It was quite an adventure. If birds aren't your thing, maybe the gazillion hopping insects, squirrels or other unclassified critters will strike your fancy. It's definitely worth the fifteen minutes it takes to explore. And the cages, I'm still kicking myself for not buying one (damn you, Chad). 

After Bird Garden, we ate more dim sum before heading to the Star Ferry and Hong Kong Island. These ferries have been operating between Kowloon and Hong Kong since 1888. In addition to a really cheap ticket, the cool(er) harbor air was a welcomed treat. 

When we got to the Hong Kong side, we opted for convenience and bought 'hop on, hop off' tickets to get us to 'The Peak,' which is basically the highest point in HK with the most spectacular views of the city. The tram ride up is pretty cool too. While up there, we enjoyed some bubble tea and dinner before calling it a long day and heading towards the hotel.

Our last day in HK was spent souvenir shopping and eating as many pineapple buns and egg tarts as humanly possible. 
And then we flew home.
After pointing and laughing at our ridiculously huge backpack, please just ignore Rhett while he eats pocky and looks like a hot mess. Thank you. Carry on.
I'm pretty sure that if you could go back and ask our twenty year old selves if we'd ever be in Hong Kong... together... ten years later...with three kids between us... our reactions would have been pretty epic.
Thank you, friend, for a perfect excuse to take a vacation.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Golden Mile 
Great breakfast and location! 
More info here.

We got around the city and a round trip ticket for the airport with our nifty Octopus card.
More info on that here.

Are you still hung up on the pineapple bun and egg tart comment?
Local snack info here.
(I could really go for a few of these right now)

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